Monday, July 19, 2021


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As a new hot tub owner I was stumped. There are so many products on the market, and so many different kinds. It was starting to look like I would be spending a small fortune just on the upkeep of my hot tub! I am so happy I came upon MavAquaDoc products. They everything you would need, and they are all so affordable! Let me tell you about the amazing one I tried!-

Fix a leak easily with our spa leak repair chemical. Their spa fix a leak formula works for hot tubs, jacuzzi, and pools.

Stop Leak Hot Tub formula - Aqua Doc makes the hottub leak sealant every hot tub owner should use. Their hot tub leak seal quickly finds and seals minor scratches and cracks in your hot tub. Smooth and seal hot tub cracks by dumping some of our formula into your hot tub's water. Consider hot tub water leaks a problem of the past with our easy to use hot tub fix a leak for spas.

Spa stop Leak formula - AquaDoc's seal a leak spa sealer is going to work hard to seal spa leaks before they become bigger. Make the right spa choice, seal a leak with AquaDoc's advanced hot tub leak sealer. Enjoy your leisure time leak seal worry free after you've tried our leak repair kit. Their jacuzzi fix a leak sealer works perfectly on small cracks and minor nicks within the spa surface.

Pool Fix a Leak Sealer - AquaDoc's spa leak sealant isn't just build for hot tubs, it can fix pool leaks too. Use our professional grade fix a leak for pools to help detect, seal, and smooth swimming pool leaks. No need for pool leak putty to help repair pool leaks. Just use our swimming pool leak sealer to stop pool leaks in their tracks. Their fix a leak pool leak sealer let's you spend more time in your pool and less time sealing pool leaks.

Fix leaks easily. Fix a leak for hot tubs is the best stop leak for hot tub formula. Hot tub repair leaks have never been easier to seal. Pool seal repair and spa seal repair is easy, fast sealing pool care, and easy to use spa repair for leaks.

This product from Mav Aqua Doc seals all your leaks and cracks easily and quickly. It seals minor scratches and leaks you may not of known you had. It works on pools too!

This is an amazing product that worked quickly. Don't know what I would of done without it!

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You can buy this amazing product from walmart here-

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