Wednesday, January 1, 2020


I received compensation for writing this review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

Hello all,

It is that time of year! Time for attending parties and taking photos galore. That also means time for family gatherings and family photo time! What better thing to have to add to those photos than the felt letterboard by Obliviscar.

This board is awesome! First off its is a large 10 x 10 size. That is plenty big enough to spell ou any message needed. Another great thing about it is the stand. It has an easy fold stand that efficiently holds the board in place. So you never have to worry about it falling over during a picture.

Next, I love the sturdy construction. This board is made of high quality wood, designed to last a long time. Then the best part, it comes with 510 pre-cut pieces. Yes, you heard me right 510! It has letters, numbers, and many symbols including happy faces. It has  everything and anything you could need for displaying any type of message you need.

It adds sophistication to any photo you add to. This felt letterboard board makes it easy to keep track of your important dates and holidays by letting you display your information in your photo. It is a great product and makes a great gift! Just $22.99 from amazon here -