Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Looking for an awesome new show to watch? Do you love scifi shows? Well, look no further than the Syfy channels show 12 Monkeys. I started watching season 1 and was thrilled when season 2 began. Its about James Cole who travels from the the future in 2043 to the present to try to stop the spread of a virus spread by the 12 Monkeys that caused a lot of deaths in the future. He had to find a doctor, Cassandra Railly, who they believed could stop it from happening. He also gets help from his friend Ramsey and the creator of the virus's daughter, Jennifer. The casts include such wonderful talent as Aaron Stanford, Amanda Schull, Emily Hampshire, Kirk Acevedo, Barbara Sukowa, and Todd Stashwick, and Jeff Teravainen (why this awesome actor is not twitter verified is beyond me!). Its co created by Terry Matalas. Season  2 has kept me on the edge of my seat! The acting of Emily Hampshire is superb, shes so good at playing crazy! Jeff Stashwick is also wonderful, we hated him last season.but his character has changed so much, hes now one of the good guys! Seriously, this has to be the best show on TV.

Monday, May 30, 2016


This past 4 days The Megacon Convention took place in Orlando. Its the place to go if you have interests in comics, sci fi, or anime. You could meet celebrity guests from popular shows, movies, and comic writers. I thought it was a blast! It was so much fun seeing some of my fave celebrities. They have scheduled events you can participate in like Q and A panels. We went to one for Elden Hensen. He plays Foggy on the popular Netflix show Daredeveil, now in its second season. He was very funny. The highlight of his panel was when one person asked him the question, "Whats your favorite beer"? he went on for at least 10 minutes talking about how hes not allowed to grow a beard on the show, and how he likes ZZTop's beards. Then when he was finished the young man who asked the question said ,"Well thanks for that , but I asked you about beers". Mr. Hensen hung his head and started laughing, along with everyone else. He said, "I feel so dumb". Poor Mr. Hensen. He seemed like a real down to earth person, repeating to everyone how hes just so thankful to have a job! He also said his fave thing hes done as an actor was the Mocking Jay movie he was in. In it. he played a deaf character. Besides the panel there were a lot of free photo op opportunities. The Luggabeast and Roxy the Rancor along with other Star Wars characters from the 501st legion were there for awesome free pics! If you'

re not familiar with them they are the worlds largest Star Wars costuming organization. They also help folks out with Storm Trooper pics for Gishwhes. We also had to make sure we stopped by the ConMan series booth, being big Alan Tudyk fans. The folks there were so nice! We met PJ Haarsma, the executive producer of ConMan, who told us an interesting story about Alan Tudyk, and gave me a free keychain! The whole experience was a lot of fun, and I highly recommend going to.

Sunday, May 29, 2016



Welcome to my new blog, FreeSenseNews. I will do my best to talk about things I think you'll find interesting, such as sci-fi shows, recipes, great freebies I find, fun things to do, entertaining news and all things in between. I will also have guests talking about everything under the sun. Also look out for our feature where I will talk one-on-one with new talent of all genres. So, please enjoy!  I welcome all comments!!