I launched my blog in April 2016. I write my blog to inform people of all things Florida including news, events, freebies, recipes, and everything under the Florida sun!  If you love Florida, or want to know more about our great sunshine state then this blog is for you! My posts will leave you feeling more informed, like taking a tour and learning new things.

I have two very  popular features on my blog, Spotlight Stories and My Recipe Corner.  My site has been featured on Action Fab with a story about them in my Spotlight Stories. My recipes get many shares and views.  I also write reviews on products. I even wrote a review for Disney! I have so much love for my home state, I want to share it with the world!

I am a wife, mother of 4, grandmother of 3 and a Floridian. I have a unique sense of humor and I'm not afraid to try new things and places. In Florida there is never a shortage. Let me do that for you doing one of the things I love to do, write!

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Big News!- I wrote a song! It available on spotify, itunes, apple music, iheart radio, and amazon. We're called the Florida Natives and its a country pop song! It's calledd "No Money in My Pocket'. Give it a listen here-  https://open.spotify.com/artist/0gaWWVYm5g0UeokUbBHJZE?si=Xcgsqq9xTzeoLMN3wZ_jow&dl_branch=1

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