Sunday, February 7, 2021


 Hello all,

I have recently watched the new movie "Born a Champion" starring Sean Patrick Flanery and Dennis Quaid. I was so impressed with this movie I knew I had to delve into movie review writing. First off let me tell you I am a big fan of actor Sean Patrick Flanery. I feel he is an underrated actor who deserves more praise that he receives.

So now about the movie. The sports drama covers a time span between 1991-2001. The movie is centered around a character named Mickey Kelley. He is a Brazilian  jiu-jitsu fighter and a former US soldier. He was wronged in the movie. During a match with a champion he was fighting, he was sucker punched and had gotten defeated. The movie is about what happens in his life though marriage, family and friendship and getting the chance to right the wrong that was done to him.

First off the movie is told in documentary style, that really appealed to me. It gave the movie a more realistic feel. I feel all the actors in the movie gave stellar performances, especially Flanery. His performance really drew you into his character. His portrayal had me weeping at times and yelling with him at others. I could really feel the pain he was feeling during his fights. Dennis Quaid always does well with dramatic roles, and he didn't disappoint in this one in his portrayal of MMA promotor Dick Mason. And to show the apple doesn't fall far from the acting tree, his sons play the parts of his son in the movie , both the younger and older version. Both boys did an amazing job!

I got a chance to ask the actor Sean Patrick Flanery some questions about this wonderful movie, I greatly appreciate him taking the time out of his busy day to answer my questions! Take a look at my Q and A-

Q- What started your interest in Brazilin jiu-jitsu?

A- The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship MMA)

Q- Is it true that you co wrote the script for the movie?

A- I wrote the story myself one day lying in bed way back in 2007.

Q-  Is there anything special you needed to do to prepare for this movie?

A-  My preparation was to continue doing what I do on a daily basis.

Q-  Do you have a favorite MMA fighter?

A-  No, but there are plenty that I enjoy watching for a variety of reasons.


So there you have it. The scoop on this amazing movie penned by and starring the amazing Sean Patrick Flanery. I give this movie 5 out of 5 stars. If you like sports movies, and movies that touches your heart, I recommend you watching this one! I want to thank Mr. Flanery again for his time. This movie was just released January 22, 2021, produced by Forrest Films and ESX Entertainment and is available to stream on Youtube, Vudu, Amazon Prime and Google Play, and Fandango Now.

Saturday, February 6, 2021


       I received compensation in the form of free products in exchange for writing this review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

Hello all,

We recently have gotten a hot tub for Christmas. Boy are we loving it, nothing quite like it for relaxing. But with all new things comes a new learning curve and having to learn how to take care of it properly. I am so glad we discovered the hot tub care products from MavAquaDoc!

A lot of care goes into taking care of a hot tub, and recently we have tried some of the products from the MavAquaDoc hot tub care line. First off being in Florida we have hard water. With hard water comes hard water stains. So we got an awesome product to take care of those stains in a jiffy! It is the Professional Metal Prevent Spa and Hot Tub Care. This product is fast acting and left our hot tub stain free and looking like new! Here is the link-


The next problem we've been noticing was cloudy smelly water. Our bodies have natural oils that are left behind in our hot tubs leaving very cloudy water. We used the Professional Natural Enzyme Spa and Hot Tub Care product, and our water was crystal clear and odor free in no time at all! Here is the link for this amazing product-  

No matter which you product you use from the MavAquaDoc hot tub care line, I am sure you will be pleased. They have many amazing products, give them a try!  #hottubs #aquadoc #hottub #poolandspa #hottubowner

Saturday, January 30, 2021


      I received compensation in the form of free lessons in exchange for writing this review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

Hello all,

I have recently been taking some amazing classes. They are online piano classes. I have always wanted to learn, and this is an awesome way to do it!

The classes are all online and live via Zoom. I have taken several classes already and I am really enjoying them. The teachers are very professional, nice, and knowledgeable. Some of the teachers even record their classes in case you cant attend, so you wont miss out! They are a lot of fun, and they have a variety of classes to meet your needs. Here is some info and a great offer if you're interested. I highly recommend them for all of your piano lesson needs. I am currently enrolled in their piano pass-

Lessonface is launching Piano Pass, a new daily class series of live online piano classes for all ages and all playing levels. Classes for adults and kids.

The Piano Pass gives you daily access to over 20 live interactive piano classes each week, 80+ classes monthly. All with a live, in-real-time piano teacher. Each designed to energize and inspire you as you progress in your piano playing.

With the Piano Pass, students can attend as many live classes as they want, and feel confident by booking with the Lessonface guarantee. Enroll today and save. Regularly $39/mo. Start today and your first month is $14.99 for the first 30-days. Great teachers, great classes, guaranteed. Kids Pass are just $4.99 to start for the first 30-days. Regularly $19/mo.
For more information visit - #onlinepianoclasses

Special offer for Piano Pass holders

Add 1:1 live online lessons. Spend over $120 on private lessons in your first month of signing up for Lessonface and take 15% off with the code: PIANOPASS.


     I received compensation in the form of free products  in exchange for writing this review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

Hello all,

As a new hot tub owner I was stumped. There are so many products on the market, and so many different kinds. It was starting to look like I would be spending a small fortune just on the upkeep of my hot tub! I am so happy I came upon MavAquaDoc products. They everything you would need, and they are all so affordable! Let me tell you about the amazing ones I tried!-

Spa and Hot Tub Water Clarifier- Being a hot tub owner we had to deal with cloudy water. We just used as directed, and in no time we had clean sparkling water!-

Here is the link-

Spa and Hot Tub Defoamer- Having foamy water in your hot tub just makes it look dirty and unappealing. This product was so easy to use and quick acting! Our hot tub was foam free in no time!-

Spa and Hot Tub Surface Cleaner- Even with my hot tub being fairly new, it was starting to look dirty. With this product I just sprayed on, waited about 30 seconds, then wiped of. It work amazing, and didn't have a strong odor!-  

Spa and Hot Tub Filter Cleaner- I noticed my filter was starting to look dirty. This product was easy to use and so fast acting1 My filter looked new after just one use! Now I wont have to buy more filters so soon!-

Lastly, I recently tried their Spa and Hot Tub Stain and Scale Control-  I noticed a scaly build up and smell was starting to appear on my hot tub. This product cleaned it up easily, and after just one use. It also got rid of the smell!-

I found all of MavAquaDoc products I tried to be amazing, and all worked even better than expected. That's why I highly recommend their products, and I will be using them for all of my hot tub care needs!   #hottubs #aquadoc #hottub #poolandspa #hottubowner

Sunday, December 20, 2020


   I received compensation for writing this review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

Hello all,

Well it looks like we made it back. We just spent an awesome 3 days with family on a much needed vacation in  Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg.  And let me tell you, it was so much fun! With Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg offering an abundance of tours, museums, dinner shows and so much more we had to partake in several of them. One of my favorite ones we visited was the RIPLEYS AQUARIUM OF THE SMOKIES . This place was amazing!

First off I have to say this is probably one of  the most beautiful aquariums I have ever seen! The outside was all decked out for Christmas, plenty of photo opportunities!  The aquarium is easy to navigate between exhibits, and they have a lot to see! The first things I saw was some beautifully displayed  smaller types of fish ,eels,  frogs and an amazing jellyfish display! Take a look-

Next up, we went through an underwater tunnel, where we could see underwater life swimming all around us. It was truly a site to see! It was awesome to see the fish, and sharks,  and one sawfish even appeared to be smiling at us!-

Next up, we saw our favorites the penguins. We were able to see them swimming, and they had a tunnel you could climb through to get an up close and personal view of them. They even had a little penguin hospital-

Last thing we encountered was they were giving rides in a glass bottom boat over the top of their tunnel filled with sharks and other underwater creatures. The boat ride looked amazing! All in all, our family trip to Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies  was a fun filled day filled with memories we will never forget! If you go, remember to wear your mask. They are located at 88 River Road, Gatlinburg. Their number is 865-430-1358. Tickets are $19.99 for kids, adults are $37.99.


  I received compensation for writing this review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

Hello all,

Well it looks like I made it back. I just spent an awesome 3 days with family on a much needed vacation in  Pigeon Forge. And let me tell you, it was so much fun! With Pigeon Forge offering an abundance of tours, museums, dinner shows and so much more we had to partake in several of them. One of my favorite ones we went on was the HOLLYWOOD WAX MUSEUM PIGEON FORGE. . This place was amazing!

If taking photos is your thing , this is the place to go. There's nothing like walking through and spotting your favorite celebrity among the many wax figures they have. Then you can get creative as you want and make it fun by posing with your fave celebs in a once in a lifetime photo opportunity posing any way you choose! It so fun to get creative to see what kind of photo memory you can create! Here are a few of our favorites, can you guess who they are?-

As you go through each exhibit, you get to learn a little more about each of them. As you look closely, you cant help but marvel and the amount of work it took to give them each such life like appearances!
Besides your fave celebs, you also get a chance for photo ops with the likes of Frankenstein, King Kong, zombies, and a Disney parade, and much more!

Our day at The Hollywood Wax Museum proved to be a lot of great family fun and left us with a lot of great memories. If you go, make sure to wear your mask. It is open 365 days a year and is located at 106 Showplace Blvd., Pigeon Forge. You can contact them at 865-428-5228. Ticket prices are $19.99 for kids, adults are $39.99.

Saturday, November 7, 2020


 I received compensation for writing this review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.


I don't know about you but I am always on the lookout for amazing inexpensive gifts! I have a lot of grandkids to buy for and there is no time like the present to restock the ole gift closet. I was very happy when I cam across this awesome gift.!

It is a 9 piece wooden educational puzzle set with information cards by Anvictlykids  SRL. It is animal themed, and made of highly durable plywood. Its a great way to teach your little cognitive functions at an early age. The animal themes are very cute, and the information cards are filled with interesting facts about each of the animals!

                                                    9 piece educational animal themed puzzle set

This puzzle set will make a great Christmas set for your little for ages 2-3. Comes in a cute box and reasonably priced. This high quality puzzle set is just $19.99 from amazon through this link- 9 piece educational wooden animal themed puzzle set-

Pick one up for your little one today!