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Hello all,

One of my favorite times of year is here! Decorating can be expensive, so like most of us my decorations are usually DIY. I've listed some of the scariest affordable  DIY Halloween decorations I could find.
Have fun!

1 .zombie trap - This one looks so creepy and sounds super easy to do. Dig a shallow hole. Make it the width of a pallet. Put an orange or red light into the hole, close enough to a plug in. Set a pallet on top of the hole with the light in it. Put two zombie hands (Halloween decorations) poking through some of the slats of the pallet. Voila! A zombie trap.

zombie trap

2. head in a jar - This is another easy one to do. You need a 3D printed image of a face, a jar big enough to hold the printout, water and food coloring. Start by printing out the face image, you can find one here . Print out the image and roll it to fit into your jar. An old masons jar works great! Then fill it up with water, and add a few drops of food coloring ( a little green will make it look like formaldehyde)  and you have a very spooky looking severed head in a jar! Glue on a little hair to complete the look!

severed head in a jar

3. spooky eyes in the bushes - This one is easy and effective. Cut out pairs of eyes out of empty toilet tubes. Insert a glow stick into the toilet tubes and hide them in the bushes. The effects are very creepy for a very cheap price.

spooky eyes

4. dead bodies - Here's another cheap one. Stuff garbage bags with packing foam and use duct tape to form into body shapes. Dress in clothes. Then stuff in clear bags and wrap again in duct tape. Add red paint for blood effect. Hang from trees or display the bodies on your lawn. Very chilling.

dead body forms

dead bodies

5. chicken wire ghost - Use chicken wire, its the same fencing you may use at your own home.  To shape the head bend wire over a head shape like a basketball. bend the excess to make a neck. For the torso, cut a 40 inch piece of chicken wire, overlap the ends and twist. For the arms cut a 32 inch length of wire and roll. Make two arms, and pinch wire to make elbow and wrist joints. Use smaller wire to fix the arms to the torso. To make the skirt, cut a 36 inch in length wire and attach to the waist of the torso. You can paint these with glow in the dark paint for an eerie ghost effect. You can also make them another way without separating the body parts, and just make a body form. 

6. spooky Halloween lanterns - This one looks fun and easy.  Draw creepy faces on empty milk jugs with marker. Place led light or Christmas lights inside. Display. This makes for very spooky lights for your yard. 

spooky lights

7. spider egg sack - You will need a few supplies for this one. You need a foam egg, white batting, a white stocking, plastic spiders, a hot glue gun. To make each egg sack, wrap each foam egg in the white batting. Pull a white stocking over the ball. Position the plastic spiders inside the stocking, and between the batting, and fix some to the outside with the hot glue gun. Then hang from your porch ceiling or from a tree with hooks. 

spider sack

8. floating candles - You'll need a few items for this one: paper towel rolls, white acrylic paint, a hot glue gun, tea lights, clear plastic string, white paper, and tape. Trace the bottom of the tubes on the white paper and cut out. Glue into place on the bottom of the tubes.  Paint the empty towel tubes white and use the hot glue gun to create fake wax dripping down the candle. Set the tea light candle in the end and poke 2 holes one on each side of where the candle sits in the tube. Remove the candle and insert the plastic string through the tube through the holes and knot at the end. The tea light should sit on top of the plastic string to hold it in place. Insert a tea light at the end and hang from your porch with the clear plastic string. Creates eerie floating candles. 

floating candles

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