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Halloween costumes can be costly. That's why I like to make my own. I have found some awesome DIY easy scary Halloween makeup tutorials I want to share with you. The results are amazing!

1. The Weeping Nun - This one looks just like the one from American Horror Story! Very creepy!

Cover your brows completely with glue stick.
Apply translucent loose powder over them when dry.
Fully cover face with white face makeup and set using white powder.
Draw a tight line on your upper eyelid like you do with eyeliner, using a red gel liner with an angled brush.
Blend it out with a little red eyeshadow.
Apply black eyeliner to your bottom eye's water line.
Then using black face paint, from the bottom part of your eyes, paint drops going down your face.

DIY easy scary Halloween makeup tutorials The Weeping Nun.

2. The Zombie - This one doesn't look too hard and reminds of The Walking Dead zombies!

Cover your face with a foundation that is a few shades lighter than your regular skin tone.
Use a black gel eyeliner as eyeshadow and blend quickly so it doesn't dry out.
Apply light brown or black eyeshadow completely around your eyes for a sunken-in zombie look.
Apply a red blush under your eyes, and directly under your eyebrows to give the appearance of being bloodshot.
Then line your waterline with a red eye pencil.
Use a black eyeliner to draw vein like lines around your eyes.
Then apply black mascara.
Contour your cheeks with dirt colored eyeshadow to make them look hollow.
Then use the same black gel eyeliner you used on your eyes and apply to the center of your lips, then cover the rest with red lipstick, a no shine color.
Finish off with a red lip gloss drips under your eyes and lips for the appearance of blood.

DIY easy scary Halloween makeup tutorials The Zombie.

3. Sugar Skull - This  DIY scary makeup tutorial  looks a little difficult, but the results are stunning!

With a nude pencil draw circles around your eyes, above your eyebrow and around under your eye area. Then apply a black eyeliner to your water line.
Mix black and purple face paint or cream shadow together and fill in the circles around your eyes.
Mix together some purple and pink pigment and paint it over your eyes to give it some shine.
Using white face paint cover your whole face, even your lips.
Then apply some translucent powder to set it.
Apply a pink powdered blush underneath the cheekbones and above the brow bone, and to your lips.
Make an upside down U on the bridge of your nose with black face paint, then fill in the bend of your nose.
To create the flower along the eye sockets, take a flat brush and dip one side in orange paint, the other in pink.
Take the brush and apply it flat to your face like a stamp all the way around your eyes.
Add a flower the same way on your forehead.
Take a brush and apply black paint to the inside of your lips.Then with a thinner brush draw a line from the corner of your mouth outwards to elongate it. Then draw a line through the center to connect them.
For the teeth, start with a line down the middle of the mouth working outward and draw lines down the rest of the mouth.
Finish by drawing a flower and some dots to the chin.

DIY easy scary Halloween makeup tutorials The Sugar Skull.

4. Pop Art - This one looks awesome!

Draw a bold black cat-eye with black liquid eye liner.
Outline your eyes with black pencil liner and fill them all the way in.
Draw thin black lines along your features to give your face dimension.
Make your eyelashes more cartoon like by drawing them on your upper and lower eyelids with black liner.
Cover your entire face with small red dots about a centimeter apart with red liner.
Line your lips with the same red liner and fill them in.
Outline your lips with black pencil liner. Make them more cartoonish by drawing a small white line on one side of your lower lip.

DIY easy scary Halloween makeup tutorials Pop Art.

5. Egyptian Queen - For those of you who don't like scary!

Apply a gold cream shadow from inside from the corner of the eye to the middle.
Use a flat brush and sketch a cat eye shape with purple cream eyeshadow extending beyond your eye.
Pat on the purple shadow to fill in the area. Pat a thin layer of glitter adhesive to the gold cream shadow.
Dip your finger into loose glitter and press over the gold shadow. Repeat with the purple.
Using black liquid liner draw your outside wing by creating a diagonal line from the corner of the eye to the end of the brow.
Create a thin to thick line from the inside of your eye to your natural crease. Connect to your first line and thicken.
Line below your lower lash line with the same liquid liner. On your right eye you can create the peak at the center and backwards J shape at the center. This mimics the eye of Horus.
On the left line you can simply line below, flaring out the line at the outer corner and inner.
Apply mascara to both upper and lower lashes. Now apply a line of false eyelashes.
Apply a deep purple lipstick. Accessorize with gold jewelry and a headpiece.

DIY easy scary Halloween makeup tutorials The Egyptian Queen.

6. The Skeleton - This is one for the guys, and looks so spooky!

Coat eyebrows with a glue stick and use translucent powder to set.
Apply white cream make up over the entire face, down the neck and on the lips, but not around eyes.
Fill in the hollow of the eyes with a black cream makeup.
Use a brush to blend the makeup down the sides of the nose to accentuate the bridge.
To apply bony contours apply black cream makeup to outline the bottom of the cheekbone. Take the line all the way up to the hairline to the middle of the forehead about an inch above the brow.
Starting with the cheek blend downwards to create a look of shadow. Soften the lines and blend downward.
Draw a triangle on the tip of the nose and lightly blend downwards.
Use a black eyeliner pencil to draw horizontal oval shapes down the neck. Fill in half of the oval shape with black makeup, the rest with white.
Use a black eyeliner pencil to line where the lips meet. Extend the lip line about two inches from each side of the mouth. use the pencil to outline teeth. Fill in some of the teeth with black to represent missing teeth.
Set with translucent powder.

DIY easy scary Halloween Makeup tutorials The Skeleton.

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