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Hello all,

When we think of Halloween we think of kids in costumes and trick or treating. But Halloween isn't just for kids anymore. Just as many adults are dressing up these days and throwing ghoulish parties. So I came up with a few awesome scary ideas for your adult Halloween party!:

1. Pumpkin keg - Did you know you can use a pumpkin as a keg. This is so easy I don't know why I never thought of it. It makes your party a little more festive. Take you pumpkin and hollow out like you do when you're carving. Then attach a spigot to the front. You can buy one at most retailers or just use an old one off any drink dispenser. You can also just use it as a festive punch bowl.  Fill and enjoy !

6 awesome scary adult Halloween  party idea pumpkin keg

2. Glowing jello shots - For these you need 2 c. tonic water, 2 packages jello (any flavor), 1 cup water and 1 cup vodka. To make the first layer pour one cup tonic water in a pot over high heat. When it boils and one package of jello and whisk until dissolved. Then pour in half a cup of water, and half a cup of vodka and stir. Pour into shot glasses 2/3's of the way filled and chill for 35 minutes. Then start the second layer the same way. Then top off the shots glasses with the second layer of jello and chill for 2-3 hours until set. Apparently the tonic water gives it the glow in the dark look. These drinks look awesome!

6 awesome scary adult Halloween party idea glowing jello shots

3.  Poisoned apple Halloween cocktail - This is definitely an awesome scary party idea! For this cocktail you need 2 ounces apple cider, 1 ounce pomegranate juice, 2 ounces tequila, a few small chips of dry ice. Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice. Add small ice chips to drink right before serving. Keep them small enough so they will dissolve quickly. It looks menacing!

6 awesome scary adult Halloween party idea poisoned apple Halloween cocktail

4. Severed hand sangria - The night before your party fill 2 latex gloves with filtered water and freeze overnight. In a big punch bowl add 2 bottles dry red wine, 3 cups sparkling water, 3 cups orange juice, 3 ounces brandy, 3 tbsp brown sugar, 2 thinly sliced oranges, 2 thinly sliced grapefruits, 2 thinly sliced lemons 2 thinly sliced limes and 1 cup natural cherries in sour syrup. Mix all together. Then remove the frozen ice from one of the latex gloves, It will take on the shape of a severed hand. Float it on top of the punch. You can even use the pumpkin as a punchbowl. This stuff is delicious!

6 awesome scary adult Halloween party idea severed hand sangria

5. Pumpkin cheese ball - With a mixer blend 16 ounces cream cheese, 1 1/2 cups shredded cheddar, 3 tbsp minced onion, 2 tbsp salsa, 2 tsp ground cumin, and 1 tsp minced jalapeno. Scoop onto a sheet of plastic wrap and shape into a pumpkin shaped ball. Chill 2 hours and unwrap. Then roll into some crushed tortilla chips, and insert a pepper stem into the top. Serve with black or blue tortilla chips.

6 awesome scary adult Halloween party idea pumpkin cheese ball

6. Cinnamon cider candied apples - Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and spray with cooking spray. Combine 1 3/4 cups apple cider and 1/2 cup of brandy in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Cook until it's reduced to 3/4 cup. Add 2/3 cup cinnamon candies to the pan. Stir until dissolved and add 1 3/4 cups sugar, 1/8 tsp kosher salt, and stir until the sugar dissolves. Then cook without stirring till a candy thermometer reads 310 degrees. Let cool until it reads 210 degrees. Stick craft sticks into the apples and dip into hot syrup, then let cool on the prepared cookie sheet until set. Looks delicious!

6 awesome scary adult Halloween party idea cinnamon cider candied apples

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