Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Hello all

My Spotlight Story this week is about veteran welder Tony Wool and the company he works for Action Fabrication and Truck Equipment Inc. Everyone in southwest Florida knows if you need something welded or fabricated quickly and right you go to Action Fab. Action Fab is a family owned business located in Tarpon Springs. They treat their employees and customers like family.  And Action Fab knows to send you to one of their professional welders like Tony Wool, their longtime veteran welder.

Tony can weld and create anything you can imagine. He has 25 years experience in welding. He knows all phases of welding, Hes an expert in mig, tig, arc, oxy-acetylene, brazing  and aluminum welding. Hes helped create many truck designs for Disney , TECO , Rush Truck,  and Nextran to name a few. Tony has helped his company outlast many others. " We welcome competition", Tony says, "because we know we're the best!" Tony has been a mentor to many of the younger welders employed there. They all know if you have a question, ask Tony! He would be a great asset to any company he works for. He hopes one day to transition to be a welding instructor. He even has time to help others for fun as pictured below with him welding as a Storm Trooper for GISHWHES.

So if you're company has a new truck design concept you're not sure about, give the professionals at Action Fab a call. Tell them you want Tony on it. He'll do it quick and he'll do it right! The company is located at 1476 L and R Industrial Blvd., Tarpon Springs, Florida, 34689.

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