Saturday, February 18, 2017


Hello all,

Everyone love to save money when they can. I don't know about you but I love freebies!I came across some awesome February freebies I want to share. Enjoy:

1. SIBI skincare samples - Click on the highlighted link, complete your order then submit. You can get 6 samples of their popular skincare products.

2. Free $39 in savings coupons book from P&G. Fill out the form and your booklet should arrive in 4 weeks.

3.  At Shutterfly now through February 19th they are offering 4 freebies. You can get a puzzle, a shopping bag, a smaller  5X7 puzzle, or a matching game. Just use the code MYPICK at checkout. You still need to pay shipping though.

4. You can get free samples of Immunocologie face serums and creams. Simply go to their site and request up to 3 free samples.

5. You can get free safety glasses or ear plugs from  Gateway Safety. Just fill out the form on their site.

6. Now through February 25th you can receive a free small slurpee for free when you download the 711 app.

7. There is a free kids workshop at Home Depot on March 4th. They will be learning how to make a rain gauge house.  Sign up at their site.

8. You can get samples of free hair care products from Maple Holistics. Just fill out the form on their site


  1. Oh, I love trying samples of beauty products. I also travel a lot, so they are just perfect for tucking in my carry on bag when I don't want to take a lot of bulky products. Thanks for the tips! I'll give them a try!

  2. Thank you so much for the list of samples. I cannot wait to try the Immunocologie face serums and creams.

  3. Wow that's a lot of freebies and samples! I always love these since they can help me decide if I want the product or not. thanks for this!

  4. Great freebies! I especially love the Shutterfly deals - they have some really awesome freebies and I usually just find them by accident. I'm excited to have found to check it out now! Thank you!

  5. Very interesting blog, as someone said on another comment, this knowledge could come really handy when traveling because of the size of the samples. Keep it up.

  6. I always store samples packs of creams so I can use them for when I travel! It's my secret ;-) I've heard of Immunocologie so I'm actually going to check that one out!

  7. I love getting freebies, especially cosmetics, this is the best way to see if a product does suits you, before purchasing it in its full size. Not to mention that they are so handy when you travel, I always have a few o hand. I am gonna definitely check those cosmetic freebies out.