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Today my Spotlight story is about  Greg smithwick. He is the owner of Spare Room Studio Inc., and producer, writer and host of the podcast and blog So Local Pasco. Here is his story:

Greg has worked in radio broadcasting across the Tampa Bay Area, in formats ranging from classical to oldies, to talk radio.  He is an accomplished radio commercial producer, voicing and writing hundreds of original radio ads and promotional spots. He and publisher Steve Isbitts had the first national soccer talk related radio show in the U.S. during the 90s.  Soccer Friendly Radio was heard in 18 cities, from Miami to San Jose.

He works from Spare Room Studio, Inc...Which is LITERALLY a spare room in his home.  His idea was to simplify systems, and create a broadcast quality program with low overhead and an organic, LOCAL feel.  The Studio runs on a seven year old PC, and mostly analog audio gear.  This is what gives the show an authentic feel...That it is being made by an old broadcaster, who knows the tools are less important than the ideas and words.  While he strives for technical excellence, he is learning that sound quality is really only important to OTHER media people. His goal is to create a network of broadcast quality news and information programs for web and streaming distribution.

So Local Pasco is a daily (Mon thru Friday) podcast, usually under 20 minutes in length.  The podcast covers news, culture, events, and music in WEST Pasco County. Greg defines “So Local Pasco” country as county line to county line, from the US41 corridor to Anclote Keys in the Gulf. In its first month, the website garnered 1800 page views, which showed that there was a need and desire for a new form of media delivery in West Pasco County.  As of July 28th, 2016, his monthly page views have shot up over 4,000. A result of more directly challenging programs related to local government. Between the website, the subscriptions to the podcast via iTunes and other streaming services, and Facebook and Twitter, So Local Pasco is positioned to be one of the foremost providers of LOCAL content in Pasco County. If you are involved in a charitable effort, or a community service effort, we will cover your efforts. If you are a self promoting band or musician, we will do our best to cover you. If you have a story idea, you can contact him at :


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