Sunday, August 21, 2016


Hello all,

My Spotlight Story this week is about Tom Ryan. Hes an engineer but he creates awesome items with his 3D printer as a hobby. Tom writes:

The most common form of 3D printing is FDM or Fused Deposited Modeling.  This is whats seen in the video below.  The simple idea of 3D printing, or additive manufacturing is analogous with building the pyramids. You put down one layer of material down at a time, and then you move up and put a layer down on top of that. But for 3D printing, instead of putting down solid bricks you melt plastic and let it solidify where you want it to. It can be likened to welding, as when you're laying down a bead, and then another bead on top of that, and another and so on till you get the pattern that you want. There is a popular website for 3D printers. It's called It's a depository for 3D models. People can go to the site and make, upload and print all types of stuff for example the angel blade for the show Supernatural. A lot of people on that site have posted a lot of great pictures of stuff they have successfully 3D printed. Tom has made many items with his 3D printer like jewlery and book ends. He has even had some of his creations featured on is own Etsy site for sale. Pictured below is a necklace he made that's of  Dean's amulet from the show Supernatural and coasters from Dragonball  Z.

This is Tom's printer in action!

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