Saturday, August 27, 2016


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Hello, Because of the severe storm I thought it best to repost this story I wrote.

Hello all,

For us Floridians hurricane season is upon us. It runs from June 1st to November 30th. The peak period is from August to October. Its never been more evident than right now with the storms that are brewing in the Atlantic. With that said, I thought it would be a good idea to post important preparation ideas and tips for the storm season:

1. Check your insurance coverage and make sure its up to date and consider adding flood insurance or other insurance in case your house is uninhabitable after a storm.

2. Make copies of proof of ownership documents like your home, cars, etc. Its better to be safe than sorry. You should also have some type of documents of the contents of your home via either a video or manifest. In case you need to file a claim, it makes things easier. You should store these items in a safe or a hurricane proof  kit.

3. Protect your home and property by having either having hurricane shutters installed or you can fix 3/4 inch plywood panels to cover your windows. You can also use hurricane straps or clips to help hold your roof down. You should  also stow away lawn furniture or any other debris on your lawn that can do damage to your home in high winds.

4. Have an emergency kit ready. This should include items such as a 2 week supply of water and non perishable food for every person and pet. It should also include items such as a manual can opener, first aid kit, important medications, eye glasses, battery powered flashlight with extra batteries, personal hygiene items, change of clothing, sleeping bags, a cooler for ice, and plastic tarps and tools. You should buy some items such as bottled water well in advance. I cant tell you how many times we've waited for the last minute to buy items to find the grocery store shelves emptied of all bottled water and batteries.

5. Have an evacuation plan. The main reason people are evacuated is because of a storm surge. Be aware if you live in a hurricane evacuation area, and what shelters are available in your area. Be forewarned, only a few evacuation shelters take pets, so make sure you have plans for them. Most people living in mobile homes or high rises still may have to evacuate even if they don't live in an evacuation area.

6. One thing often overlooked is your electronics. It is strongly encouraged to back up your electronics and if able data should be stored at an off site location so it can be recovered if your computer is damaged.

7. Lastly, make sure you have your important information with you like your ID's, SS cards and health insurance cards. Make sure you have cash on hand, and make sure you fill your car up with gas. You never know if gas stations will be open or not.

Hopefully with these tips we can all stay safe and prepared during this hurricane season.

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