Friday, November 18, 2016


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With the season upon us, one thing is on all of our minds, decorating! I love this time of year and all the beautiful decorations. Sometimes though they can be a bit pricey. I came across some easy DIY Thanksgiving crafts that hopefully will be easy on your wallet and make your holiday more festive. Enjoy:

1. pilgrim hat place cards - (Better homes and Gardens)

3 inch terra cotta flowerpots
Black, red, white and blue acrylic paints
Crafting foam
White craft glue
Black fabric paint pen

Paint each pot black and let it dry. Choose a color and paint the band around the pot. Let it dry and make white dots on each pot with the paintbrush handle for decoration (optional).
Trace a circle from back foam about 1/2 inch wider all around the pot opening. Cut out. This will be the hat brims.
For the buckles measure the width of the band . Paint it a different color than the band. Cut a foam rectangle that measures 1/8 inch deeper than the band. Cut out a smaller rectangle from the middle and glue on the band.
Using the black paint pen, write each guests name on each hat brim. Beautiful place cards!

5 Easy DIY Thanksgiving Crafts- pilgrim hat place cards

2. Fall wreath - (Better Homes and gardens)

Twig wreath
Floral embellishments
Craft glue
Copper metallic spray paint

Glue a few leaves on your twig wreath tucking some underneath.
When the glue is dry spray with the metallic paint. The paint adds shimmer.
Glue on acorns berries and the rest of your floral embellishments and let dry.
you will have a beautiful wreath in 20 minutes.

5 Easy DIY Thanksgiving Crafts- fall wreath

3. Gold confetti pumpkins -  (Country living)

White craft pumpkin
Washi tape ( Michaels Craft's is best since it has a paper backing)

Cut up 1 inch pieces of gold washi tape. Then cut each piece lengthwise.
Then peel off the backing and stick it to the pumpkin.
Concentrate the confetti on the bottom. Makes an easy beautiful centerpiece.

5 Easy DIY THanksgiving Crafts- gold confetti pumpkin

4. mason jar fall luminary - (Good Housekeeping)

A mason jar
A piece of adhesive vinyl
Acrylic paint

Cut a maple leaf shape out of the adhesive vinyl and apply it to the smooth side of the jar.
Choose an acrylic paint color you like and paint the mason jar.
It will take about three coats to completely cover the jar. Let paint dry completely between each coat.
Once dry gently peel away the vinyl leaf.
Add a votive candle inside and tie some twine around the top of the jar.

5 Easy DIY Thanksgiving Crafts - mason jar luminary

5. pony bead napkin rings - (Kitchn and Art Bar)

Pony beads
Alphabet beads
Pipe cleaners

Twist a bead at the end of a pipe cleaner before you start beading.
Lay out your colors and words first.
Place the name in the middle.
Leave about 3/4 of an inch of pipe cleaner at the end to secure around the last bead.
When done wrap each beaded napkin around a napkin.
So easy, kids will love this one!

5 Easy DIY Thanksgiving Crafts - pony bead napkin rings

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