Saturday, February 6, 2021


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Hello all,

We recently have gotten a hot tub for Christmas. Boy are we loving it, nothing quite like it for relaxing. But with all new things comes a new learning curve and having to learn how to take care of it properly. I am so glad we discovered the hot tub care products from MavAquaDoc!

A lot of care goes into taking care of a hot tub, and recently we have tried some of the products from the MavAquaDoc hot tub care line. First off being in Florida we have hard water. With hard water comes hard water stains. So we got an awesome product to take care of those stains in a jiffy! It is the Professional Metal Prevent Spa and Hot Tub Care. This product is fast acting and left our hot tub stain free and looking like new! Here is the link-


The next problem we've been noticing was cloudy smelly water. Our bodies have natural oils that are left behind in our hot tubs leaving very cloudy water. We used the Professional Natural Enzyme Spa and Hot Tub Care product, and our water was crystal clear and odor free in no time at all! Here is the link for this amazing product-  

No matter which you product you use from the MavAquaDoc hot tub care line, I am sure you will be pleased. They have many amazing products, give them a try!  #hottubs #aquadoc #hottub #poolandspa #hottubowner

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