Monday, July 18, 2016


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Florida is home to many places claiming to be haunted. I have compiled a list of those places that keep popping up on many sites I've seen:

St. Augustine Lighthouse- 3 children were killed here while it was being built. Many visitors report hearing children's laughter and feeling their clothing being tugged on. People have said they smelled cigar smoke when no one was around. Some have reported seeing images of former lighthouse keepers, and of one of their daughters who had slipped on the rocks below and died. You can also hear the sound of footsteps and see lights flickering going on and off. When we visited this place we witnessed a light going on and then off in an empty room. We also heard noises that couldn't be explained.

The Old Jail in St. Augustine-  Tour guides and visitors here have reported feeling cold spots and hearing the sounds of shuffling feet and shouts and wails. Some have reported seeing a large shadowy figure standing in a cell who is believed to be Sheriff Perry. It has been featured in many paranormal investigations. Many have gotten strange pictures inside and out of orbs, streaks of light, and shadows.

The Pritchard House in Titusville- People have observed strange noises,disembodies voices, objects moving, and a broken grandfather clock still sounding. Some say one of the ghosts who haunts this place is Lola Pauline Smith Pritchard. When she was alive, she hated people visiting her home.

Ma barker's house in Ocklawaha- Ma Barker who at one time was listed as the #1 most wanted fugitive in the U.S. died here. Her and son Freddy were killed in a shootout. It is said 2000 bullets were used that day. It is said there spirits haunt the home.

Belleview Biltmore Hotel in Clearwater- One couple who stayed at the hotel caught a picture of a ghost. In the picture there is a mist that resembles a person standing at the top of a staircase. One ghost hunter who was doing an investigation here reported seeing a misty figure of a woman in 1930's era clothing. He also heard a female voice saying "Don't go up there, they're mad at me."

Hamburger Mary's Orlando-  The building dates back to the 1800's and was originally a hardware store. Staff have reported seeing the ghost of a young girl dressed in Victorian era clothes. You can see her late at night, skipping around, waving at people and tapping on windows.

There were hundreds of haunted places to choose from for this story. I chose the ones with the most sightings. Any one you choose I'm sure you'll have a hauntingly good time!

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