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  I received compensation in the form of tickets  in exchange for writing this review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

Hello all,

Well it looks like I made it back alive. I just spent an awesome 3 days in the most haunted city in the US, St. Augustine. And let me tell you, it was so much fun! We went on many tours, and one we had to partake in being in a haunted city was to take a haunted ghost tour. We wound up going on a tour A Ghostly Encounter Ghost Tour

We were fortunate to be staying in one of the inns within walking distance of the Old City Gates which is where A Ghostly Encounter is located. Then we walked up to the window and checked in with a very friendly lady. Our tour guide was Morgan. She was dressed in a period costume and had a very friendly and professional attitude. We got there a little early, and only had to wait about 30 minutes to start. We were part of a large group of about 20.

                                              A GHOSTLY ENCOUNTER GHOST TOUR

                                      MORGAN- OUR TOUR GUIDE- A GHOSTLY ENCOUNTER

Our tour guide Morgan was very, very knowledgeable and really knew her history of St. Augustine well. She shared so many stories with us, and  was a great storyteller. She was very funny and entertaining. Our first stop was at the Oldest Wooden School House on George St. There she told us how one of their other tour guides Matt, was doing a tour there and a ghost of a gray haired lady in a period dress walked right past him. No one saw her but him, but fortunately someone got a photo of her while they were taking a photo of the school house. She showed us the picture!

                                           MATT- A TOUR GUIDE FOR A GHOSTLY ENCOUNTER

 The next stops were stops were at  2 old cemeteries.  In one cemetery you could see one small headstone by itself. She told the story of a woman who lived in the house right next to this cemetery a long time ago.  She had a young son who played in the cemetery often. He died from falling from a tree there. She had her sons body buried in the cemetery. The woman could no longer stand to look out her window seeing the headstone of her deceased son, so she moved away, but never came back for her sons body. The tour guide Morgan told us some people have taken pictures of the boys ghost in the tree from which he fell that is located in the cemetery. She told us most of the time the ghost only appears to children. One time she was doing a school tour and asked the children if anyone could see the boys ghost in the tree. She said all of the kids could see it and one showed her a picture of him. She showed us the picture.! Below is a picture I took of the tree. If you look closely you can see something in the tree. She told us another story how only people of the Catholic religion could be buried there.

                                          BOY GHOST IN TREE IN CEMETARY- A GHOSTLY ENCOUNTER

                                    PHOTO OF OLD CEMETARY- A GHOSTLY ENCOUNTER

We worked ourselves around the area and came to the Fort Castillo de San Marcos. It is the oldest masonry fort in the US, and is haunted. She told us a few stories about the fort like the grass around it was one large grave site. She told us the story about a doctor from the fort who cut off an Indian chiefs head and showed it to his children when they misbehaved. She also walked us around the fort and showed us an oven where the soldiers in the fort would reshape and reuse already fired cannon balls. She then showed us a wall of the fort where she said a firing squad performed mass executions. You could see the holes in the walls. I took a picture of this wall while on this tour, I think it looks eerily like bullet ricochets in the picture.

                                  FORT CASTILLO DE SAN MARCOS- A GHOSTLY ENCOUNTER

                                   FORT CASTILLO DE SAN MARCOS- A GHOSTLY ENCOUNTER

Finally, at the end of the tour we wrapped up by heading to where we started. Morgan said the place was known for a lot of ghost activity. She showed us some divining rods and explained how to use them and what they meant and how they were used to find ghostly energy. They seemed to be showing lots of ghostly energy.

All in all, we had a great time and learned a lot about St. Augustine. I definitely recommend a Ghostly Encounter Ghost Walking tour the next time you visit! We definitely will be taking this tour again! For information about their tours, call 904-827-0807.

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